Terms Of Use


Welcome to TaskOnTips (Personal, Personal Pro & Professional), an IT Software provided by Jsimple Technosoft Pvt Ltd (“we”). These Terms of Use describe how we deal with Registered Users and with Customers on our platform and set out the rules that are binding between us and you with respect to TaskOnTips. We love feedback. Please contact us at info@jsimple.comwith any input you may have with respect to TaskOnTips or to these Terms of Use.

  1. TaskOnTips
    TaskOnTips is a collaboration and efficiency tool for individuals and businesses, hosted on servers that are located exclusively in the US ensuring data security. Registered Users may submit and upload documents, place comments and tags to objects or create and/or store other content, data or information (“Content”), all of which will be stored by us in TaskOnTips at the direction of such Registered Users, and all of which may be shared and distributed by those Registered Users when using the tools and features that make TaskOnTips the efficient tool and fun place it actually is. TaskOnTips enables Registered Users Categorize, Organize & Overview all the tasks based on their priority. And among Registered Users, TaskOnTips will help you reduce task load – or at least a healthy portion thereof. We offer a free service for all our individual customers for their personal use, however for TaskOnTips Personal Pro users, after a trial-period of usually not more than a month following registration we will ask Customers to pay Subscription Fees for the accessible features. We put a lot of effort into creating the tool including, the logic and all designs, text, graphics, pictures, information and other content (excluding your Content). This property (excluding your Content) is owned by us or our licensors and it is protected national and international laws, namely copyright laws.

  2. Business Customers and Registered Users
    We offer TaskOnTips to business customers (“Customers”) through our TaskOnTips Professional segment, so they can invite Registered Users or Team Members to their workspace. Each Enterprise dedicatedly owns their data base. Users like you who have received access credential from us and have confirmed them are “Registered Users”. As a Registered User, you can meaningfully use TaskOnTips Personal until only if a Business Customer i.e. the organization has given you access to an active TaskOnTips workspace for TaskOnTips Professional. The fact that you are registering for TaskOnTips means that there is at least one Individual workspace in TaskOnTips you have been invited to or that you yourself, register a workspace for a specific Customer. You can be invited to more than one workspace.

  3. Your User Account
    User Accounts are held by specific individuals. We save your data in your User Account. The User Account combines information that both you and we require to properly understand your rights as a Registered User of TaskOnTips. A User Account is not transferable.

  4. Your Contact Data
    As a Registered User, you may use any name (real, fake or otherwise) for other users to see. Please note that we would, however, consider a breach of these Terms of Use if you posted on behalf of another person or entity you are not affiliated with, or if you otherwise misrepresented your affiliation with a person or entity. If you want to register as a Customer we need truthful information and an according agreement from you. You are required to keep up to date your data entered into the User Account. Please use the update features provided in your User Account to record changes in your information. In the event communication between you and us is not possible due to out-of-date, false, incomplete or incorrect contact information and therefore we are not in a position to provide the Services you may no longer use Task Manager’s features (or may lose most of the benefits TaskOnTips offers). Customers must always provide their real name and details (for invoicing and payment purposes). We may need to ask a Customer for a tax ID in order to register.

  5. Cancellation of Your User Account
    You may at any time request us to delete your User Account by using the respective feature within TaskOnTips. Deletion of your User Account may not involve deletion of Content another Registered User already has lawful access to. We reserve the right to delete your User Account if you have not used it over the past 12 months (log in) and have not responded to our request per email to the email address indicated in your User Account within an additional month. We also reserve the right to delete your User Account when you no longer can be reached via the email address indicated in the User Account.

  6. Your Use of TaskOnTips
    You must use TaskOnTips only as permitted by law. Our Service allows you and other users to post, link and otherwise make available Content. You are responsible for the Content you make available to the Service, including its legality, reliability, and appropriateness. Namely, you agree that you will not do any of the following: Use the Service in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect or inhibit other users, including Registered Users, from fully enjoying the Service or that could damage, disable, overburden or impair the functioning of the Service; Circumvent or attempt to circumvent any filtering, security measures, rate limits or other features designed to protect the Service, users of the Service, or third parties; Use, frame or utilize framing techniques to circumvent our reasonable right to collect subscription fees for Registered Users. However, you may create hyperlinks to the Service if TaskOnTips suggest you may do it; Violate these Terms of Use. Content can contain personal information of others. Everyone using TaskOnTips must protect other people’s data protection interests. Accordingly, do not abuse the Service to invade the privacy of others. Do not otherwise violate the rights of others. Namely, you agree that you will not send, through TaskOnTips, unsolicited mass-mailings (SPAM, mail bombs, etc.) and that you will not distribute, make available through TaskOnTips or upload to TaskOnTips any of the following: Malware, trojans, viruses, or scripted programs to influence IT infrastructure of others against their interests; Content infringing third parties’ trademarks or other intellectual property rights, or their personal rights. Namely, you shall not violate any ownership interests of others with respect to Content uploaded onto a workspace in TaskOnTips. You should obtain necessary consent of third parties before you work with their documents or data in a workspace on TaskOnTips, or just store such documents or data; Content harassing person(s) (e.g. publication or exchange of messages with other people); Content that may offend others due to its unsolicited erotic, pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive nature; Content that is race discriminating; Other Content that is illegal.

  7. Rectification in Case of Breach or Negative Impact on the Service
    If you violate these Terms of Use, we may seek to rectify the situation, including suspension and/or discontinuation of your User Account. This also applies in the event that we get an abuse notice concerning any Content hosted on TaskOnTips in connection with your User Account. Prior to taking action, we will, to the extent applicable law and the authorities involved permit us, inform you about it, and/or Customers to whose workspace the Content has been uploaded, and give you or the Customer the opportunity to remove the Content in question. Please note that a takedown request may require you to act in very short time, as we may also be subject to short reaction periods. In addition, we may set a size or data throughput limit for the use of TaskOnTips and/or suspend your User Account if your use in some way or another negatively impacts the performance of the Service for Customers or for other Registered Users. We will aim to be fair and proportionate. Where possible we strive to allow some time to hear all parties involved. We reserve the right to take measures against violations even if we earlier had decided not to take immediate action.

  8. Access to a Customer’s Workspace
    We operate a workspace on TaskOnTips for a dedicated Customer. Customers should always be mindful whom they assign tasks under their workspace. Customers remain in the driver seat to ensure that no undesirable settings are made through the administration panel. Customers can at all time and with immediate effect revoke access rights. We rely on Customers to choose the configuration properly, and give access rights in accordance with what Customers actually want (and with what Customers instruct they are entitled to show). Instructions by Customers entered into the administration panel are reliable instructions to us. We are not obliged to deny a third party access to Content that is stored on a workspace if Customer has given access rights to that person, with respect to that specific Content. However, we are authorized to deny access in the event of a dispute we learn of and of which we believe it may be or become relevant to us.

  9. Content on a Customer’s Workspace
    As between Customer, a Registered User and us, Customer is considered to be the owner of Content uploaded to that Customer’s workspace. We treat confidentially Content saved within a Customer’s workspace. We do not control Content. Content uploaded to a Customer’s workspace is under control and responsibility of that Customer. Only the Customer’s administrator(s) can determine the Content stored in a Customer’s workspace will be deleted, even if it was another Registered User who has uploaded the Content to that workspace. Registered Users who want to delete or make copies of Content on a workspace must turn to Customer, and not to us, to resolve such request. Clause 7 is reserved.

  10. Disputes between Customer and Registered Users or Third Parties
    Should a Registered User or a third party turn to us complaining about Content in a Customer‘s workspace, or otherwise about the way a Customer’s workspace is being managed, we will refer that Registered User or that third party to Customer, and Customer is responsible for solving all related issues at Customer’s cost. Clause 7 is reserved.

  11. Accessibility of Content and Obtaining Copies from Files in a Workspace
    A Customer can always download files from that Customer’s workspace. Set up and download instructions can be found in Customer’s Tutorial on TaskOnTips. Depending on the size of the information processed we recommend to allow for some time to download the export file. Export files may be large and you may need broad internet connectivity to download. If the Customer’s workspace exceeds a certain size limit (as of now: 100 GB) we may make downloads subject to a fee. Even if we believe we have a claim against Customer we will never hold back Content and a Customer can still download it from its workspace. Registered Users may download files that are directly connected to their User Account but may need approval from Customer’s administrator for downloading data from that Customer’s workspace.

  12. Reference to Privacy Statement
    We collect and process necessary information about our Customers and our Registered Users. The Privacy Statement tells more.

  13. Surveillance
    TaskOnTips is subjected to the national laws of the United States of America and India, we do our best to provide you with the maximum level of privacy in this legislation. That means there will be no access to your data by third parties without a duly authorized warrant issued by a judge. If we are legally obliged to turn over information about the origin of a file, we will fulfil that obligation. The legal circumstances will be evaluated individually in each case by our legal department. Without a founded legal basis, no information will be given to a requesting authority.

  14. System Logs
    System operations and connection data will be logged by us or a third party and stored during the relevant statutory period. Such logs will exclusively be used to comply with legal requirements and government regulations, trouble-shooting or for the collection of performance data, billing purposes and to fulfill services. We collect statistical details about the usage of the Services.

  15. Security
    We do a lot to make TaskOnTips a secure place for Registered Users and Content placed within a workspace. We take precautionary measures to protect its infrastructure against interventions from third parties. We use state of the art data centers, i.e. more than just one. We are geo-redundant and protected against a broad range of risks. Access Control is ensured by procedures and technology. We ensure at least two connections for internet access from different telecommunications service providers in each of the two computer centers. Communication between the two computer centers is made via a dedicated wave on a fiber that is independent from the internet. We offer password protected access to TaskOnTips via the internet, i.e. via a public network. We use secure transmission protocols to encrypt data when being transmitted to TaskOnTips. We take technical decisions that allow for the greatest possible independency from uncontrollable standards and vendors, e.g., use of open source software, where available and meaningful. We have an information security concept in place that ensures that no unauthorized persons have access to data of you or of your users. We offer protection from viruses, Trojans and other internet malware on a separate basis. However, we cannot guarantee that these measures are effective at all times and without restriction. You will be required to proceed diligently with documents or files you receive from others.

  16. Exclusion of Liability
    We are liable towards Registered Users only for damages caused by intent or gross negligence, negligent or intentional injury to life, body, or health, or based on mandatory liability for example in accordance with the Product Liability Act. We exclude any and all other liability. Exclusion of liability also applies to liability for our auxiliary persons, vicarious agents and legal representatives. We are not liable if you fail to back-up your data (including Content) or if such backups are faulty and therefore, in the event of a failure, your data cannot be restored or such restored data is incomplete.

  17. Modifications to these Terms of Use
    We may need to modify these Terms of Use (e.g. to adapt to external circumstances, changes in law, or new developments). If we wish to do so we typically notify you by email to the email address, you have on file with us. The changes will be effective after 6 weeks, leaving a reasonable amount of time for you to consider whether you are fine with the changes. We may instead ask you to respond to a revised version of these Terms of Use immediately when browsing, by providing you with a mechanism for your immediate acceptance of the changes (such as a click-through confirmation or acceptance button). As this is a standard Service, we cannot process amendments to these Terms of Use initiated by you. In the event you would suggest amendments to these Terms of Use, such amendments will not enter into effect until such time as we have consented in hand-written form.